Agile is a new way of working with a different mindset.

Before Agile, we ran projects with the Waterfall method. The Waterfall project's success rate (defined by on-time and on-budget delivery) hovers around 22% - 27% when the Standish Group surveys project managers worldwide.

With the Agile way of working, the success rate doubles. On top of that, Agile teams are usually very innovative and frequently deliver products that customers love. They are also speedy to respond to business requests, advocate breaking down departmental silos, and have lower overall management overhead.

The Agile way of working has become the de facto product development method in modern organizations. From its humble beginning in IT, it is now widely used in almost every industry. With the help of Agile, companies can use the "Software development mindset" to develop cars, airplanes, agriculture machinery, capital projects, financial products, and marketing collaterals.

If your company hasn't started implementing Agile yet, this can be an excellent time to start.

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