How can an Agile Practitioner better contribute to the Organization?

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A company hires you to help them to be successful. Agile or not is not the key. Being able to contribute to the company's success is the key.

You should first ask what you can do for the company, then only ask what the company can do for you. You must prove you're doing a good job and measurable results, especially helping the company keep revenue up, cost down and deliver successful products.

You should give your unreserved support to your boss, helping your boss and your department achieve their goals and create greater success, whether you agree with him entirely or in part.

You should be dedicated and loyal to your company because that's the fundamentals of being a working professional.

Then, level up your Agile knowledge. Everything is there for a reason. They are techniques and ways to resolve a situation or a problem. By observing the case you are encountering at work, you can find templates and methods of how the people who came before have solved it before.

Being an Agile Practitioner is a lifelong learning. You'll get better at it every time you crash and burn.

In the end, you will succeed, as others have succeeded before.

You will be knowledgeable, wise, and valuable to every company that's lucky to have you.

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