True Scrum Delivers Business Outcomes


Productivity Boost

Scrum promotes transparency in an organization. Employees self-manage and prioritize work that truly delivers values to the stakeholders.

Better Value to Customers

Scrum works exceptionally well in increasing customer satisfaction advocating adaptive planning, and continuous improvement to ensure the customers' requirements are met.

Lower Costs to Deliver

Scrum focuses on increasing business values and eliminating wastes. Working towards a business goal and preventing any useless and costly activities that do not deliver value.

What can you get?

Key Learning Outcomes

Content Overview

Get started

This is an introductory online course to Scrum that aims to inspire you and get you started with the most popular Agile framework, Scrum.

Founding principles

You will learn about the founding principles of Scrum and how it could help you achieve exponential business growth.

Stay competitive

You will understand why you should start adopting Agile right now to stay competitive.

Excellent Feedback From Students

Kenneth Roland Roa portrait
Nicely structured and engaging to read.
I like the part about responding to change over following a plan the most. This principle is not new but is needed for all entities to stay relevant and survive.
Kenneth Roland Roa
Continental company
Agile Coach
Frederick Low
My learning experience on 'True Scrum Discovery Kit' has been very positive. It gives me flexibility and control over how much I can study over a period of time due to busy work schedule. Although I may be a scrum practitioner, upon completion I came out learning a lot of new perspective on Scrum after reading Dr. Sutherland's experience! 10/10 will recommend this!
Frederick Low
Senior Vice President
Jiang Wei
This eBook offers a thorough explanation of Dr. Jeff Sutherland's point of view. It's awesome!
Jiang Wei
Agile Coach