How can I participate in Agile community?

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There are some non-commercial Agile communities in Malaysia. Agile Malaysia has been around for a while. You can join the Agile Malaysia community on Facebook and attend the local meet-ups.

Scrum 60 hosts this event and is the latest community you can join and contribute to.

The key difference between the two Agile communities is that Agile Malaysia supports Agnostic Agile. Scrum 60 focuses on spreading Dr. Sutherland's True Scrum knowledge so that we can succeed in helping our companies implement True Scrum.

Both are free to join and non-commercialized.

Both are supported by true Agile enthusiasts.

You can also take a look at Agile Singapore and Agile 66 Thailand. Agile 66 Thailand is doing a great job spreading Agile knowledge in Thailand.

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