In-demand skills to future-proof your career in 2022

In-demand skills to future-proof your career in 2022

Today, COVID-19 and rapid developments in artificial intelligence(AI) are changing the landscape for the way we work in the future. In the next five to ten years, we can expect our workplace to look drastically different.

The fear is that new AI technologies and automation will replace a chunk of work that is done by humans today. With the rise of automation technology, there is a lot of uncertainty around the types of jobs that will be available in the future. But, we should see these advancements as change that will bring great opportunities. According to a Forbes article written in 2022, 85% of jobs that will be available in 2030 don’t exist yet! The key to staying ahead is to start thinking of ways to adapt and stay ahead of technology.

How do we identify the most in-demand skills that will future-proof your career? Let’s take a look at some limitations in AI and recognize important skills that cannot be replaced.

Develop complex decision-making skills

Although AI and robotics can gather and process information beyond human capabilities, highly-complex decision-making is still a job that only we can do. We have uniquely human capabilities that allow us to function under a variety of obstacles and environments, whereas automation technology cannot perform beyond its function and parameters.

To make AI work, humans need to be creative, insightful, and contextually aware. Being able to make complex decisions will be continue to be a sought-after skill that machines cannot duplicate.

Learn to manage busy departments

Management and leadership skills are needed even when industries are reshaped by AI. Adapting to changes, information management, prioritization, and accountability are all human qualities that AI cannot perform.

The ability to manage departments, prioritize work, coordinate inter-departmental collaboration, and lead project efforts are all critical qualities that will keep you relevant in the modern workplace.

Enhance teamwork & collaboration skills

The jobs we perform become more complex as the world does. Often, work frequently requires more than one individual and one team to coordinate. It necessitates transparency, adaptation, leadership, and communication abilities. Communication skills, leadership skills, adaptability, transparency, and strong collaboration skills are a must - and such qualities are currently unique to humans.

Technology can’t teach nor replace teamwork. It is our role to collaborate in teams and leverage individual skills to deliver results that propel the organization to achieve its goals.

What do we do next?

In today’s digital world, we can easily acquire skills that set us apart. Online virtual training, short courses, and seminars are widely available, making it more convenient than ever to diversify your skills within months, weeks and even days.

Current trends show an increase in popularity for Scrum Master and Product Owner courses because of their emphasis on adaptability, complex decision-making, multi-team system management and enhanced teamwork and collaboration.

Professionals who want to stay relevant in the future of work are shifting towards agile to secure their careers. Interested in developing skills that can future-proof your career? Click here to learn more: