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Scrum@Scale is the natural evolution of Scrum. Like Scrum, it is lightweight, highly adaptive, and customizable to different organizations' landscapes. The best way to acquire organizational agility with minimum overhead.

Deliver results instantly.

Based on a set of proven patterns that employ a minimum viable bureaucracy. Allowing you to scale Scrum without incurring frustration and waste.

The challenges

What are the most significant barriers to adopting and scaling Agile practices in your current organization?


Inconsistent processes and practices across teams


Organizational culture at odds with Agile values


General organization resistence to change


Lack of skills/experience with Agile methods


Not enough leadership participation

Source: 15th Annual State of Agile Report
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47% Fail

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67% of Failures are Terminal

Source: Forbes Insights and MIT sloan Management Review

Scrum@Scale is the perfect solution

Business Enterprises need a better way to leverage Agile facilities to succeed in the modern competitive space. A solution that is:

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Low cost

Low cost to adopt


Generates immediate impact

Scrum@Scale addresses the four mega issues



Ability to focus with limited resources



High-quality, working product is primary measure of progress



Ability to change fast - product and organization


Organizational culture

A place where everyone can speak their mind

Enable focus across organization

Reduce WIP, eliminate dark work, and focus on delivering value or outcomes

Customer will use

25% of staff delivering stories that customers will use

Junk stories

64% x 70% = 45% of staff delivering stories the customer will never or rarely use (Standish Group)

Dark Work

Typically 30% of staff working on zero value stories

The time for change is NOW!

Start by having a solid foundation

"All you need is good Scrum at the bottom and Scrum@Scale at the organizational level."
- Dr. Jeff Sutherland
Interview by Infoq.com
Dr Jeff Sutherland Book

Achieve good Scrum with Dr. Jeff Sutherland's True Scrum

True Scrum is the original Scrum invented by Dr. Jeff Sutherland in 1993 to deliver real business value. There are three essentials in Scrum that have contributed to the effectiveness of the entire framework.

Dr Jeff Sutherland

True Scrum is

The Lean principles and approach allow team members to continuously improve the way of work and remove wastes from the system. With Lean, the team can work on things that matter and produce high-quality products that customers love, in less time.

True Scrum is

Research shows happier people are more productive. To be hyper-productive, the team needs to be very happy. True Scrum uses hyper-productive patterns such as Small, Stable Teams, Yesterday's Weather, Interrupt Pattern, and more to build hyper-productive Scrum Teams.

True Scrum is
Linear Scalability

Empirical data shows only a Minimum Viable Bureaucracy (MVB) will achieve linear scalability, i.e. scaling without losing productivity per team. True Scrum employs MVB to enable linear scalability without introducing extra overheads and wastes into the system.

Start Scrum@Scale by creating
a Scalable Reference Model

Scalable Reference Model

Effective Agile leadership with proven results.

  • Better business leaders' alignment with the work system
  • Senior management removes impediments to the teams
  • True cross-team coordination occurs
  • Key patterns in 12 knowledge repositories
  • Dual-OS Agile transformation bubble for easy transition
Scrum@Scale, Art of Twice the Work in Half the Time book and Harvard magazine

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