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True Scrum
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True Scrum is the original Scrum invented by Dr. Jeff Sutherland in 1993 to deliver real business value. There are three essentials in Scrum that have contributed to the effectiveness of the entire framework.

Dr Jeff Sutherland, inventor of Scrum


With Lean, your team can work on things that matter and produce high-quality products that customers love, in less time.


Research shows that happier people are more productive. True Scrum uses hyper-productive patterns to build truly effective Scrum teams.

Linear Scalability

Achieve linear scalability without losing productivity per team and introducing extra overheads and wastes into the system.

Level up your Agile Transformation.

Beautifully written with an all-new perspective. New narration to the original knowledge by the inventor of Scrum.

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Improve Projects

Tips to prevent project delays and cost overruns.

Improve Teams

Tips to align difficult managers with Scrum.

Improve Products

Tips to deliver products that customers want.
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