Can I train my own teams using Dr. Jeff Sutherland's knowledge?

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Of course, you can. At the Scrum 60 community, we are dedicated to helping to spread Sutherland's True Scrum knowledge. All of us are doing it because of our passion and enthusiasm. If you share the same mindset, please reach out to us at Scrum 60. We will provide you with content, help, and coaching so that you can get started.

The only pre-requisite is to know Dr. Sutherland's knowledge well before you can teach it. From 1983 - 1993, Dr. Sutherland invented a 2-part solution:

True Scrum: To change the team to be a super team

Scrum@Scale: To connect the super teams into a low-latency, decision-making, and feedback system.

Hence, his knowledge is recorded in 2 parts. It would be best if you planned to learn both before teaching either one because that will give a holistic view to generate system thinking. You must learn to optimize the whole instead of just optimizing the part. You must also learn True Scrum, the Scrum as invented and taught by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, instead of your knowledge of Scrum that you've learned from other sources.

This is also an excellent starting point if you want to be an accredited trainer in the future. You will learn to answer questions from the perspective of Dr. Sutherland instead of just yourself.

And I promise your team will perform at a much higher level with True Scrum than just any Scrum.

It will be a rewarding journey for you.

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