How do we get started with Agile?

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We always start small and then gradually scale up after initial success. This will allow us to control the pace and manage the change risk easier.

Step 1
Understand what Agile stands for and how it differs from traditional projects and product development.

Step 2
Identify a project with 2-3 teams, ideally 20-30 people. Set this up as a pilot project.

Step 3
Train everyone involved in this project, including the senior management and leadership team.

Step 4
Create Scrum Teams.

Step 5
Convert your existing project requirements to Agile requirements

Step 6
Start working.

Step 7
Run the project for 2-3 months

Step 8
Look at the project status when we reach a milestone, optimize our work process, and repeat step 6.

Developing products the Agile way means we need to collaborate with our business users and customers more. We gather their feedback periodically and immediately change our product based on their feedback.

This may be new to an organization that just started its Agile journey. You will notice the business outcome improves substantially and love the result you are getting.

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